Chickweed, Stellaria media

February 28, 2017 Michaela Deveau

Chickweed – Stellaria media

Herb of the Month – Chickweed


Chickweed is a wild edible herb that grows in most gardens in Nova Scotia and throughout the world. It is low growing and hugs the ground. It is one of the first wild herbs to appear in the spring, and is one of the last ones left in the garden in winter. It has beautiful little white flowers that look like stars (hence its Latin name Stellaria media… “Stellaria in Latin means “little star” and media means “in the midst of””). The flowers open up about mid-morning. It has tiny little yellow/orange seeds that readily fall off into your hands and on to the ground as you pick it (ensuring that it will come again)!


Add fresh chickweed to your spring salads, tabouli, and pesto. The young tender leaves and stems toward the growing edges are more delicate and tasty than the longer more fibrous stems closer to the base of the plant. Harvest fresh as needed. You can even eat a little of it while you are sitting and weeding in your garden!


Medicinally, you can cut bruise a handful of chickweed and make a poultice to use over your eyes for all sorts of eye infections. “Chickweed, used as a fresh poultice, draws out infection… heals all wounds… encourages rapid and thorough restructuring of damaged tissue by providing bio-available vitamin complexes… and accessible mineral richness directly to the cell”. Truly, another of nature’s great gifts freely available to all!

Source: All quotations are by Susun Weed, Healing Wise