End of Season Salute

November 1, 2018 Sachabegg

Every year when the garden begins to wind down, I go through a series of mixed emotions. I am grateful for another great season and for the time spent outdoors in the garden, and look forward to another spring in the coming year. I also feel sad that it is all over, and keep thinking there was so much more I wanted to do that did not get done. So it is at this time that I stare out my window at the beautiful copper tones of fall, and make peace with myself and remember that each season is a gift, even the season away from the garden.

Winter is the time to make plans for next year’s beds, ordering and organizing seeds, and to dream of new adventures in the garden in the warm sunshine of the coming year. So this year I will raise a warm mug of tea and toast to the beauty of each season and welcome the turning of the wheel.

Happy autumn everyone!