Mugwort/Cronewort – Artemesia vulgaris

July 30, 2017 Sachabegg

Herb of the month Mugwort/Cronewort – Artemesia vulgaris


This herb was named after the Goddess Aretemisia of the moon and the hunt. It is a perennial that can get a bit weedy (so plant it where it can be free to roam), it has little silver hairs on the back sides of its leaves, and can grow to be 5-6 feet tall. It prefers a slightly wet area, but will grow in most places.


It’s culinary uses are most appreciated in Germany where it is still used to flavor sausages. It has a very bitter flavor, so a little bit goes a long way!


Mugwort is used medicinally as a tea, tincture, or infused in vinegar. It is useful for many women’s issues having to do with menstruation. In general, it is antidepressant, a blood mover, and can help relax aches and pains throughout the body (for men and women). It is rich in vitamins and minerals and is used as a tonic for the body. It also aids in digestion, promotes liver detoxification, and gets rid of intestinal round worms.


Mugwort is also know to help evoke lucid and powerful dreams which can strengthen intuitive wisdom and inner vision. Make a dream pillow to keep by your head at night… see what happens! Burning or smudging with the dried leaves will also help to lift the veil and connect you to positive energy.